Carroll County Spay/Neuter Reimbursement Program

All Funds to 2016 Have Been Expended. No More Applications Will Be Accepted This Year

Carroll County and Twin County Humane Society, Inc. are pleased to announce that Carroll County and Twin County Humane Society, Inc. have partnered to allow the Twin County Humane Society, Inc. to administer the Carroll County Spay/Neuter Reimbursement Program. This will allow the currently budgeted funds to be used as a Two Mauds, Inc. grant match by the Twin County Humane Society, Inc. The funds provided by the County and the Two Mauds Grant will be available until they are depleted.

The Carroll County and Twin County Human Society, Inc. Spay/Neuter Program is open only to residents of Carroll County and is limited to two pets per household per each calendar year. Each person requesting reimbursement of 100% for a spay/neuter procedure on their pet must provide copies of the following documents to Twin County Humane Society, Inc.:

  1. Copy of tax, water or utility bill in order to establish residency;
  2. Copy of current dog license;
  3. Copy of invoice from veterinarian clinic performing the spay/neuter surgery;
  4. Copy of documents evidencing payment of all real property and/or personal property taxes; and
  5. Copy of rabies vaccination certificate.

You may obtain an Application for Reimbursement from the Carroll County website (, or by e-mailing a request to, or by clicking the download link below, or by calling the phone number listed below. Your completed application and copies of the documents required should be mailed to:

Twin County Humane Society, Inc.

Attn: Sharon Wentzel

PO Box 125

Hillsville, VA 24343

Questions concerning the reimbursement program should be directed to 276-728-0887.

Download The Carroll County Reimbursement Form