Spay/Neuter Information & Assistance

Assistance Programs

Residents of Galax:

Great news for Galax City residents! If you live in Galax, you can get reimbursed for half of the cost of spaying or neutering your dog or cat! All you need to do is download and complete this form (click to download), and take it to the Galax Municipal Building at 111 E. Grayson Street, Galax after you’ve had the procedure done. Be sure to bring your receipt for proof that the procedure was done and the amount to be reimbursed.

Residents of Carroll and Grayson County:

If you don’t live in Galax, we can help. Due to the support of a generous donor, we are able to provide an increased subsidy of $50 off the cost of spay or $25 off the neuter of cats for residents of Carroll and Grayson Counties. You will need to use one of our veterinary partners (see below) to receive the discount.

Once you have made your appointment, fill out our form and you will receive an email with a certificate that you can take to one of these veterinarians to receive a voucher for $50 off the cost of spay or $25 off the cost of neuter of your cat. When making your appointment, let your veterinarian know that you will be using the certificate, and be sure to bring it with you to your appointment to receive reimbursement (or you can just give them the code number from the certificate). You will be responsible for all additional charges.

  • Carroll Veterinary Clinic. Located at 12 Healthy Trail, Hillsville. Phone: (276) 728-4841.
  • Galax Veterinary Clinic. Located at 300 E. Stuart Drive, Galax. Phone: (276) 236-4212.
  • Healing Springs Veterinary Hospital. Located at 107 Nuckolls Curve Road, Galax. Phone: (276) 236-5103.
  • Mountain View Veterinary Clinic. Located at 113 Industry Lane, Woodlawn. Phone: (276) 238-0716.

    Spay/Neuter Information

    The Twin County Humane Society is dedicated to educating the public on the importance of spay/neuter. “Fixing” your pet will reduce the number of unwanted animals killed at the animal shelter! Ultimately, it is much easier to fix your pet than to have to deal with the consequences. In 2019, over 800 dogs and cats were euthanized at our local shelter.

    infographic with facts on unspayed cat population increases